Discover a brand that is more than just products – it’s a way of better living. We inspire you to transition from old habits to embracing new, eco-sustainable habits.
Join the transformative journey toward a better future.

NEWME Vision
We strongly believe that a bright future is an eco-sustainable future that can be achieved together by joining forces, one better habit at a time.

NEWME Mission
We provide products that serve a practical purpose and, most importantly, help inspire and grow sustainable habits within you for a harmonious relationship with the environment.

Newme in short

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We team up with those who want to take this journey toward a better tomorrow, those who strongly believe in change and impact, commitment and guidance, and respect for the environment. Together with our partners, we strive to bring these values and products closer to you.

Choose the new you, better you.


Change and impact value lies at the core of our brand. We strive to inspire and empower you to embrace positive changes in your lives, fostering a domino effect that extends to the greater good for all. Our solutions and product enable the journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle and a better you because NEWME is the new you! We strongly believe in the life-changing power of acquiring new, better habits that contribute to both general and personal well-being and that even small changes in your daily habits can lead to significant changes. We strive to create a lasting impact by encouraging mindful actions, one habit at a time.



We strive to embody the values of commitment and guidance. We provide you with the necessary directions and means to foster sustainability through the use of our product by equipping you with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate the way of sustainability in the NEWME way. This commitment drives us to offer products and solutions that empower you to make eco-conscious habits a given without much effort. We are committed to doing our part by ensuring valuable guidance, and we incentivize you to create together a world that thrives on sustainable practices.


Environmental problems have become an urgent issue for all humanity, and we responsibly embrace the role of promoting the shift that needs to be done in the way we all interact with our environment. NEWME advocates for sustainable practices by offering eco-friendly solutions and empowering you to become more environmentally conscious. The solution is to shift our collective mindset and follow the better practices that lead towards a better tomorrow, a win-win for all of us and our planet, keeping in mind at all times that a healthier environment also means your own well-being.

Together we can move towards a brighter, better future for all!

Envision the power of small right choices that can shape the future of the next generations by cultivating eco-sustainability habits today!