Cutting board

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This easy-to-handle double-sided cutting board is ideal for the food preparation process. The non-slip edging and anti-slip texture ensure safe and stable use while the juice groove prevents spills. It is also anti-bacterial and odor-resistant, perfect for food contact. Its hangable handle allows for convenient storage. Moreover, it is made in combination with wheat straw fiber, which reduces the use of plastic.
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eco-sustainable points

• Use of renewable resources: wheat straw fiber component
• Prolonged use: reducing the need for frequent replacement of the product.
• Reduced plastic use: wheat straw fiber component.

32,99 €

Technical Details

Antibacterial surface & odor resistant
Non-slip edging
Anti-slid texture
Juice groove

Grinding design for garlic grinding or meat fixation


Materials: PP with wheat straw fiber
Dimensions: 34x28x18 mm
Weight: 640 g
Usability: suitable for all types of food like: meat, fish, vegetables, cheese etc.
hangable handle
durable and light-weighted
easy to clean
dishwasher safe
double-sided for separete use for cookeed vs raw food as well as vegetables vs meat