Glass Vacuum Food Container, 1730 ml

Fresh for longer!


Unlike other glass vacuum food containers, this food container can be used both as a locking lid container and as a vacuum storage solution. Moreover, you can use it for baking (without the plastic lid). This food container combines the quality of the borosilicate with the extra function of vacuum storage. Eliminating the oxygen allows for prolonging the freshness of your food. This way, you get to waste less food and live sustainably.
Embrace a better lifestyle!

eco-sustainable points

• Reduced food waste: by using vacuum containers, the shelf-life of the food increases by far.
• Reusability: unlike disposable food containers, it is designed for repeated use.
• Eco-friendly materials: the container body is made of borosilicate glass which can be recycled indefinitely.
• Reduced plastic use: it is made mainly of glass.

19,99 €

Technical Details

Compatible with the NEWME vacuum sealer air suction hose pump
Compatible with the NEWME manual vacuum pump
Baking (without the plastic lid only)
Resistant to thermal shock
Highly hygienic due to its non-porous surface

Leakproof lid


Materials: PP leakproof lid, silicone seal gasket, high borosilicate glass
Dimensions: 21.8×17.8×9.3cm (for the large size)
Functionality: storage, meal prep, baking, vacuum
Usability: cooked food, fresh food, dry food
on the go / at home
Use with the manual pump: pump until a certain level of resistance is perceived
Borosilicate glass:
highly hygienic due to its non-porous surface
eco-friendly material
resistant to a thermal shock up to 120 ° C
microwave safe
oven safe (without the lid)
freezer safe -40 ° C
dishwasher safe
food safe