Knife Set, 3 pcs

Freshly cut!


The set contains:
– CHEF KNIFE, indispensable and an excellent multifunctional use in the kitchen: slice, dice, and chop. RESISTANT AND HIGH BLADE easily cuts food like meat, pumpkins, hard-seasoned cheeses, etc.
– PARING KNIFE is indispensable for performing more delicate tasks like peeling fruits and vegetables. Moreover, it is the perfect knife to take with you on a picnic or camping.
– you will need a UNIVERSAL KNIFE to perform those tasks too big for a paring and too small for a chef knife.
This multipurpose 3-piece knife set is a functional addition to your kitchen and not only. The paring knife comes in handy for picnics due to its compact size and protective sheath. The knife handles are made in combination with wheat straw fiber to reduce plastic use, allowing you to minimize your environmental impact while still providing excellent performance.
Embrace a better lifestyle!

eco-sustainable points

• Use of renewable resources: wheat straw fiber component
• Reduced plastic use: wheat straw fiber component.
• Recyclability: a recyclable gift-box packaging.

37,99 €


Materials: PP with weat straw fiber, stainless-steel blade
The set contains:
  • paring knife:8.5 cm with protective shealth
  • utility knife:12.5 cm
  • chef knife:20 cm