On-the-go blender

Fresh on the go!


This cordless, portable, and lightweight blender is a must-have for those who keep a dynamic lifestyle. It fits into your bag, backpack, or luggage and is perfect for going on trips, to the gym, or to the office.
Do you have any fruit leftovers? Don’t throw them away. Use them to make a smoothie. Remove the cup after you’re done, fix the lid, and take it with you to enjoy your drink at your own pace, wherever you might be.
Embrace a better lifestyle!


• Reduced plastic use: the reusable detachable cup with a lid substitutes disposable plastic cups.
• Energy efficiency: the product has low power consumption and works on a rechargeable battery, thus avoiding short-use disposable batteries.

49,99 €

Technical Details

Built-in rechargeable battery: recharge time 3h.
When fully charged, it suffice for making 10-12 cups
Reverse charging: use it as a charger on the go
Double press to turn on
Removable cup lid
380ml cup, maximum dill-up capacity 300ml

Stainless steel 4 blades


Materials: blade-stainless steel, base-food grade ABS, lid-food grade ABS, cup-food grade tritan
Usability: smoothies, fruit juice, milkshake, protein shake
on-the-go, gym, at home
food safe
BPA free
USB port for charging
anti-slip rubber feet
double press to turn on
Battery: DC7.4V, 2*2000mAh