Thermo Bottle

Hot & cold on the go!


This high-quality stainless steel insulated water bottle is perfect for keeping your drinks at the desired temperature while on the go. The leakproof lid ensures no spills or leaks, while the silicone handle provides a comfortable and secure grip, making it ideal for outdoor activities, work, or travel. Moreover, unlike the disposable alternatives, this bottle is designed for repeated use, thus reducing unnecessary waste.
Embrace a better lifestyle!

eco-sustainable points

• Reusability: unlike plastic bottles, it is designed for repeated use.
• Energy efficiency: reducing energy consumption by keeping your beverages at the desired temperature without the need for additional cooling.
• Recyclability: a recyclable product that conserves natural resources.

24,99 €

Technical Details

Keeps hot up to 12h/Keeps cold up to 24h
Food safe
Double wall
Leakproof lid
Silicone handle


Materials: stainless steel 304 internal wall, stainless steel 201 with painting for external wall
Capacity: 500 ml
Dimensions: 22.5×6.5 cm
Usability: keeps hot for 12 and cold for 24 hours
Double wall