Thermo food jar 1100ml

Fresh on the go !


This large-capacity leakproof food jar is ideal for bringing on the go anything from your favorite breakfast to your lunch, making it the perfect solution for liquid food such as soup, stew, or even pasta and stir-fry. The big mouth design makes eating and cleaning so much easier.
Reduce your footprint by using less electricity when possible. Thanks to its versatile double wall, it is ideal for keeping food warm or cold for up to 4-6 hours.
Embrace a better lifestyle!

eco-sustainable points

• Reduced food waste: it can be used to carry delicious leftover food for lunch or picnic.
• Reusability: unlike disposable food containers, it is designed for repeated use.
• Energy efficiency: reducing energy consumption by keeping your food at the desired temperature without additional warming.

29,99 €

Technical Details

Keeps hot/cold up to 4/6 hours
Leakproof lid
Easy to clean
NOT microwave/oven safe
Removable compartment

Leakproof lid


Materials: PP, Stainless steel 304, Silicone , PU foam insulation
Dimensions:12.5×17.3 cm
Capacity: 1100 ml
Usability: soup,stew,curry,pasta,stir-fry
at the office, school and outdoors
leakproof lid with flexible silicone handles
304 stainless steel internal wall
food safe
dishwasher safe
wide mouth design
easy to clean