Vacuum sealer

Fresh for longer!


This user-friendly sealer makes preserving food, its aromas, and vitamins easy, and it only takes up a little space in your kitchen. Vacuum seal your fresh meals and ingredients at the peak of freshness.
Reduce food waste: pre-portion food, vacuum seal it, then store it.
Embrace a better lifestyle!


• Reduced food waste: by vacuuming, sealing, and storing in a freezer, the shelf-life of the food increases by far.
• Meal prep: perfect mainly for longer-term prep
• Energy efficiency: the product has low power consumption.

54,99 €

Technical Details

5 Vacuum bags included
Vacuum sealing
Seal to use for sous vide cooking
Air suction hose pump
Compatible with the NEWME glass vacuum food containers


Materials: ABS, silicone, rubber, motor unit and other small components
Dimentions: 37.4×6.6×5.6cm
Functionality: sealing and vacuum sealing
Usability: seafood, meat, vegetables, fruit, biscuits, bread, treated, smoked meat
Air suction hose for external vacuum(like vacuum food containers)
5 vacuum bags included. Compatible with other vacuum seal plastic bags on the market, with max width of 28cm
100 W
Voltage AC 220-240 V 50-60Hz
Vacuum pressure: > -45kPa
Vacuum speed: 3.2 l/min